Eritrean Independence Day – May 24th

Though my focus this last year has been on West African events, all are welcome!  A former student of mine is now active in the local Eritrean diaspora.  She saw some of our events and asked if she could get in on the fun!  Thus, a celebration was held at the Joe Celestin Center on May 25th celebrating “Eritrean Independence Day.”

Eritrea is a northeast African country on the Red Sea coast. It is home to over 3 million people and shares borders with Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti. The capital city, Asmara, is known for its Italian colonial buildings, like St. Joseph’s Cathedral, as well as art deco structures. Italian, Egyptian and Turkish architecture in Massawa reflect the port city’s colorful history. Notable buildings here include St. Mariam Cathedral and the Imperial Palace. It’s history is significant. Human remains found in Eritrea have been hundreds of thousands years old and anthropological research indicates that the area may contain significant records related to the evolution of humans. 

It was fun to meet new friends and learn of their work.  Of course, the food…always my favorite…was outstanding.  Here’s the language from the Proclamation from the Mayor and City Council that I delivered.

 Whereas, Eritrea is Africa’s newest nation located in the Horn of Africa bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopian in the south and Djibouti in the southeast; and

Whereas, on May 24, 1991, Eritreans around the world received the good news that had been decades in the waiting: Eritrea had become and independent nation one again; and
Whereas, 33 years later, pride in the Eritrean culture resonates across generations, inspiring even children who have never set foot in Eritrea to share their culture-through dance, poetry, and art-with their communities around the world; and
Whereas, on July 9, 2018, Eritrea and Ethiopian signed the Joint Declaration on Peace and Friendship ending 20 years of hostilities; and
Whereas, South Florida is a community that has become home to many Eritreans whose contributions have inspired a cultural exchange between people of all different backgrounds ; and
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Mayor and City Council of the city of North Miami,
Do hereby proclaim May 24th, 2024 as
*Eritrea’s 33rd Independence Day *

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