Monthly Archives: January 2022

FPL Construction Schedule

As promised, FPL has given us their projected construction schedule. My thanks to Keystone Point Neighborhood Assocation (KPNA) for their informative Zoom last week.Please click here to read FPL’s plan, as stated in their own words.Obviously, the city and all involved will continue to monitor things. If I hear anything new, I’ll share it. Be […]

City Leaders Meet with FPL

On January 24th, after a disastrous weekend of water shut downs and a pole fire, city leaders met with FPL project managers about their on-going hardening project in Keystone. Sitting in from the city were Police Chief Larry Juriga, Asst. City Manager Aneisha Daniel, and Public Works Director Wisler Pierre. Representing FPL were their Government […]

Disruptions Persist from FPL Hardening Project

Florida Power & Light continues with a “hardening” project in Keystone intended to upgrade and modernize their power grid. The problem for neighbors is that the work has caused incredible headaches. The biggest one lately was their contractors interfering with water lines, causing several Keystone homes to lose water service. City administrators and I have […]