Monthly Archives: October 2023

Alta Developers Proposed Condo

Alta Developers recently bought the 1 acre site at 11950 North Bayshore Drive in Sans Souci for $15 million.  They hope to build a waterfront condo project. It would reach approximately eighteen stories high and have approximately 50-to-90 units. Read a little bit more here: On October 18, 2023, they went before the North […]

Emerald Lake is Safe

Emerald Lake is a beautiful body of water situated just off of NE 16 Avenue and NE 131 Street.  It’s home to amazing aquatic wildlife and fish. The lake creates a soothing ambiance for adjoining residents and has been a point of neighborhood pride for decades. In recent years, some neighbors have grown concerned that […]

Citywide Traffic Calming Study

Only Miami-Dade County has the ability to authorize the installation of traffic-calming devices like speed humps and roundabouts. I often get complaints about cars speeding in our neighborhoods.  Many residents, as a result, want to see the installation of such impediments.  But everyone gets frustrated when I tell them no cities, including Miami Shores and […]

Israel Heightened Alert Plan

The city of North Miami takes seriously the safety of our community. With the war in Israel getting worse, city leaders are working with the Miami-Dade Office Of Emergency Management (OEM) around the clock.  Additionally, our Police Chief, Cherise Gause, participated in a statewide call with The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  The following […]

Podcast: The Inspiring Fight Against HIV/AIDS In Sub-Saharan Africa

I’ve sat on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors for several years. In fact, we have clinics in the West African nations of Sierra Leone and Nigeria, two countries I visited.  Though I didn’t have the chance to visit those clinics, here’s an AHF podcast that talks about our work combating HIV in Sub-Saharan […]

Podcast: Uncovering The HIV/AIDS Epidemic | ft. Oluwakemi Gbadamosi

Once upon a time, in the depths of human history, a silent enemy emerged. It crept from the shadows, infiltrating communities, and leaving devastation in its wake. This enemy had no face, no discernible form, but its impact was felt far and wide. This was the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a chapter that forever […]

We’re Celebrating West Africa!

Building on my recent trip oversees, I’m excited to announce my year-long series of events: Celebrating West Africa! Some events will be in-person. Others online. Among the topics: Doing Business, Art Shows, West African authors, medicine, the environment, and…my favorite…food & beer. Our guests will include merchants and officials both local & from the motherland. […]