“Taste of AfriKin” to Delight Tastebuds

One of the things I was most taken with during my trip to Africa in 2023 was the food.  Everything was so delicious!  There were lots of new flavors for me to experience.  Jollof was a dish that each nation claimed to cook better than the other.

On Sunday, September 1, 2024 (Labory Day weekend), we’re going to bring some of those tastes to North Miami!  In teamwork with AfriKin and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the city of North Miami will bring various West African and African restauranteurs to the Galvin Community Center from 5 pm – 9 pm.  We’ll have pop-up food and drink stations so you can enjoy the tastes of the continent.  We’re calling it “A Taste of AfriKin.”  Join us for an evening of flavors from African, the Caribbean, and the African American community.

While in The Gambia last August, our group took a tour of the Gambian River. Our boat was relatively small and hand-made out of wood.  Its engines weren’t very powerful.  But one of my favorite part of Africa was that humble cruise. Though the boat was meager and carried nearly fifty people, our hosts prepared a sumptuous feast in a “kitchen” that was essentially a couple of grills and a cutting board. There are photos of it on my Facebook page. It is that same love and care that I plan to put into “Taste of AfriKin.”  I know you will enjoy it.


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