“AfriKin: Perspectives, Poetry & Prose” on February 18th

AfriKin: Perspectives, Poetry & Prose” on February 18th, featuring Mutabaruka. This event includes poetry and performance, celebrating the cultural impact of African and Black artists.


In 2024, aligned with the national theme “African Americans and the Arts,” we
are thrilled to feature Mutabaruka during President’s Weekend for our upcoming
event, “AfriKin: Perspectives, Poetry & Prose,” on February 18th from 6 pm to 9 pm
at the Scott Galvin Community Center in North Miami. This event promises an
evening rich in poetry, performance, including a youth tribute to Langston
Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, and sensory experiences that include
complimentary drinks, and a selection of small bites.
This Jamaican Dub Poet and Host of “Steppin Razor” and “The Cutting Edge”
embodies the spirit of African Redemption and Black Power. His influence
extends globally, making him an ideal figure to represent our theme of cultural
impact across various artistic domains. It offers an exciting opportunity for you to
rejoin us as a valued partner. Your support will not only enhance our reach and
impact but also offer your extensive branding and promotional opportunities
with an engaged audience, including art collectors, industry leaders, and key


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