Fairafric Chocolate Keeps Profits in Ghana

It only costs me about $5 per month to subscribe to the digital version of the New York Times.  I’m a big supporter of print journalism, I still get the Miami Herald daily, seven days a week. Every morning, I have a cup of coffee while I peruse a wide variety of information.  But I subscribe to the NYT (and the WaPo) digital versions in order to learn about things happening across the world.

One recent story in the Times caught my eye because of our West African focus.  “How West Africa Can Reap More Profit From the Global Chocolate Market” tells the story of a Ghanan company that’s working to keep profits from chocolate making right where the beans are produced.  According to the article, “Africa grows 70% of the world’s raw cocoa beans.  But it produces only 1% of the chocolate – missing out on a part of the business that generates the biggest returns and is dominated by American and European multinationals.”
Fairafric, the company at the heart of the story, works to improve Ghanan infrastructure in order to keep profits on the continent.
Thanks to social media, I was able to contact Fairafric on Instagram and tell them about our “Celebrating West Africa” efforts.  They were intrigued and gave me permission to keep them informed as we move forward!
Follow them on IG @Fairafric.  And read the NYT story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/28/business/economy/ghana-cocoa-fairafric.html
If you hit a paywall, simply Google the story and you can find it reprinted elsewhere.