FPL Pole Catches Fire Adding Insult to Injury

Today has been a total screw-up for FPL crews doing work on lines in Keystone Point. Please see my article from earlier today detailing their hitting water lines while working, causing several homes to lose water. Then, there was a boil-water order put in place for several homes on North Bayshore Drive. Tonight, January 21st, it all got worse. At about 8:00 pm, one of the brand-new FPL poles on North Bayshore Drive caught fire. The top part of the pole, installed just weeks ago, apparently had energized lines which somehow came in contact with a lower section. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units responded to put out the fire. As of the writing of this post, only one home appears to have lost power. Crews are on site assessing things. Enough is enough. I call upon the State of Florida and FPL to immediately cease all work on this project. Only when the safety of all poles is determined and a solid plan for the rest of the project is in place should they be allowed to continue. We’re lucky the fire wasn’t more widespread. The residents of North Miami deserve better than this.