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City of North Miami Emergency Weather Advisory – June 13th

City of North Miami Flash Flood Warning Update Provided June 13, 2024  The City of North Miami issued a State of Emergency on June 12, 2024 after experiencing excessive rainfall resulting in localized flooding. The National Weather Service issued several Flash Flood Warnings throughout the day advising that the weather conditions constituted a dangerous […]

June 12th UPDATE – Intense Rain Continues

Hi, everyone, Obviously, we’ve had a period of intense rain over the last couple of days. Somewhere between 10-15 inches of rain has fallen in North Miami. We’re very aware of localized flooding in Arch Creek East, Keystone, Enchanted Place, and other neighborhoods. Here are some updates: City Hall is closed tomorrow, Thursday. So are all other […]

FREE – Celebrate Stonewall’s 55th @ Luna Star Cafe!

YOU’RE INVITED! Join me in celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion on Saturday, June 29th at the Luna Star Cafe, 775 NE 125 Street. Located right across the street from city hall, Luna is the most queer-friendly restaurant in town. It has the same fun vibe as the Stonewall Inn. So let’s come together […]

Celebrate the Demise of ‘Don’t Say Gay!’

Fantastic news! Yesterday’s court settlement on the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law is a HUGE victory for our LGBTQ youth! As Florida’s longest-serving openly LGBTQ legislator, I’ve been speaking out against the law since its inception two years ago. I’m excited that yesterday’s agreement finally makes it clear that Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs CAN exist in schools. That teachers CAN talk about […]

We’re Cleaning Our Alleys!

Under the leadership of our Neighborhood Services Department (formerly known as Code Enforcement), North Miami has undertaken an ambitious program to clean alleyways across the city.   The City of North Miami identified a critical issue where alleyways were increasingly obstructed by overgrowth, severely impeding access for emergency and utility vehicles. In fiscal year 2022-2023, […]