FPL Walking Tour of Keystone

I get a lot of complaints about light outages in my district.  On February 9, 2024, I took a walking tour of Keystone Pont with representatives of FPL.  This included their Government Liaison. City staff came with us.  It was incredibly informative.  Here are some things I learned:
  • When you report an outage, please send me the TLN number from the pole.  It’s an eleven-digit number.  See the image posted to this story to see what it looks like. This tracking number allows them to know the exact location to where they should dispatch workers.
  • Many times, residents report to me the street address/Intersection closest to the outage. But if the TLN# is not reported, FPL typically uses Google Street View to find the pole. BUT…and this is fascinating to me…Google considers Keystone a private neighborhood because of its guard gates.  Thus, they don’t take Google Street images of any part of the neighborhood.  Try it yourself!  Plug in any address in Keystone and you can’t find street level images.  This is part of the reason FPL has a harder time repairing outages.  I’ll obviously have to find a way to let Google know that Keystone is not “private.”  It’s a regular residential area.
  • Unfortunately, FPL does not have nighttime crews who circle back after repairs to ensure that lights are working again.  I suggested they perhaps stagger their crews in shifts so there is always someone available to do this. But for now, their crews work only in the daytime.
If you have an outage to report, feel free to send me the location and TLN number.  I’ll report it to them.  You can also visit their site at https://www.fpl.com/support/report-concerns.html
Thanks for your help!