June 12th UPDATE – Intense Rain Continues

Hi, everyone,

Obviously, we’ve had a period of intense rain over the last couple of days. Somewhere between 10-15 inches of rain has fallen in North Miami. We’re very aware of localized flooding in Arch Creek East, Keystone, Enchanted Place, and other neighborhoods.

Here are some updates:

  • City Hall is closed tomorrow, Thursday. So are all other city facilities and parks. Police and Public Works will remain on duty.
  • Sandbags will be available tomorrow, Thursday, on a first-come, first serve basis at our Public Works facility, starting at 11 am. The address is 1855 NE 142 Street.
  • Canal 8 (Griffing Boulevard) and Canal 10 (Arch Creek) have been opened by the South Florida Water Management District. They will remain open until the next high tide comes in overnight. Gates will be closed at high tide to prevent salt water intrusion into the canal system. While gates are open, rain water will be able to drain into the ocean. How fast that happens, however, is dictated by ocean levels and Mother Nature.
  • City Public Works crews are on duty through the night. All pump stations are currently operational. Keep in mind, however, that ground saturation will effect their ability to drain.
  • I have reached out to Waste Pro about trash/recycling pick-ups tomorrow. They plan regular service if weather permits. Please be understanding, however, if circumstances change overnight or during the day and they are delayed (or have to reschedule).

Rain is expected to continue for the next two days, at least. Please do not drive if you don’t have to. If you do venture out, please use extreme caution.

Click here for a plethora of phone lines to report Emergency storm-related issues.

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As always, you can email me or text/call at 305-582-0710.