Keystone Duck Killings Under Investigation

During the week of May 19, 2024, dozens of ducks were killed in the Keystone Point neighborhood by an unknown assailant. The culprit appears to be driving the area at night and shooting the ducks in the chest or head with a pellet gun.  Baby ducklings are among those killed.  This is a crime that North Miami Police take very seriously.  A detective has been assigned and reports are being collected.  Ring door camera videos are being reviewed.

These Muscovy Ducks are considered invasive by the state of Florida.  Humane killing and removal on one’s own private property is allowed.  However, it is not legal to discharge a firearm in public.  Nor is it legal to kill ducks on public property or on the private property of a neighbor.  If you find a duck carcass or have any further information, please call North Miami Police at 305-891-0294.

Here’s a story broadcast by WSVN on May 21st:

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