The June 2021 condo collapse in Surfside was heartbreaking.  Because some of our building stock is of the same age, we started a property-by-property inspection of all due for their 40-year-inspection.  Weeks after the Surfside tragedy, I’m proud to report that very few troublesome findings have been reported.  Hundreds of buildings, both residential and commercial have been examined.  

I accompanied our Building Inspectors on a couple of examinations in District 1.  They showed me instances of minor repair needs and, in one case, of greater concerns that needed to immediately be addressed.  Luckily, nothing life-threatening was found and no evacuations were necessary.

I have created my own list of District 1 properties that were scheduled for inspection.  There, I’m tracking the results.  If you have concerns about your building, please let me know and I’ll share what I know.