FPL Begins Hardening Project in Several City Areas

Keystone residents were incredibly angry recently when Florida Power & Light (FPL) began installing new, larger power poles along North Bayshore Drive.  FPL says the poles are necessary to modernize their power grid and provide better service during storms.  Unfortunately, the poles infringe upon neighborhood aesthetics.  Some homes now have multiple poles in front of them.  FPL did not notify city leadership in advance of starting the project.
Click here for a map showing where all poles will eventually be located!
Laws of the State of Florida expressly prohibit North Miami from interfering with or halting FPL’s work.  One section reads,  “The jurisdiction conferred upon the commission shall be exclusive and superior to that of all other boards, agencies, political subdivisions, municipalities, towns, villages, or counties…and regulations of the commission shall in each instance prevail.”  
We may not be able to block their project, but we can still explore options.  FPL and the Public Utility Commission are overseen by the State.  I’ve spoken to our State Senator to ask for his direct involvement.  
And we’ve looked at the costs of undergrounding the lines.  But it’s incredibly expensive.  It will cost at least $1 million per mile to move all wires below streets.  That cost doesn’t not include additional charges that would come from AT&T and Comcast.  Nor does it cover costs related to damage done to sidewalks, driveways, etc.  On top of it all, all costs for undergrounding would be paid by the city and our residents.