Cagni Park Construction Set to Begin

After years of delays, construction on a brand new Cagni Park will begin in March 2022.  An opening is planned for February 2023.  Cagni will stand on the site of the old North Miami Senior High on NE 135 Street and NE 8 Avenue.
The state-of-the-art facility will include, among other things, an Aquatic Facility, Multipurpose Field, and Community Center.  Design of the facility is already on-going through November 2021.  To view overviews of the design, including a short YouTube video, please click here.

One thought on “Cagni Park Construction Set to Begin

  1. Matt Geimer says:

    Are you going to actually allow residents to use the park. They still aren’t allowing residents to use Ben Franklin. I was told that was a direct order from a council person from that district. Apparently he has a friend that bought a house across the street and he doesn’t want anyone at the park.

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