Keystone Bridge Repairs Start

Work to repair the Keystone Bridges began August 23, 2021. The contractor has six months to complete the work (by February 23, 2022). The city owns the bridges and is responsible for their repairs and maintenance. When the conditions were noticed in January 2021, the city asked FDOT to perform a safety inspection (that’s their purview under State of Florida regulations). Their inspection reports showed that there are some deficiencies and recommended repairs. They are not urgent. The repairs are needed to avoid increasing deficiencies as well as to preserve and extend the service life of the bridges. The FDOT Structural Maintenance Engineer has assured the city that the bridges are safe. Repairs will cost the city $155,000 and be performed by Interstate Construction. The city will oversee repairs. FDOT will then inspect again after work is completed. We can provide you inspection reports if you so desire. Here’s detail on the repair contract approved: Please let me know if you have any questions.