Celebrate the Demise of ‘Don’t Say Gay!’

Fantastic news!

Yesterday’s court settlement on the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law is a HUGE victory for our LGBTQ youth!

As Florida’s longest-serving openly LGBTQ legislator, I’ve been speaking out against the law since its inception two years ago.

I’m excited that yesterday’s agreement finally makes it clear that Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs CAN exist in schools. That teachers CAN talk about LGBTQ families. That safe space stickers CAN be displayed in classrooms. That LGBTQ youth and teachers CAN simply say aloud: “I’m gay.”

This settlement sends a clear message: You CAN say gay!

I applaud those who filed the lawsuit which brought about the settlement. We must all continue to advocate for the safety and rights of our LGBTQ youth and classroom teachers.

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