Facility Repairs Coming to Enchanted Forest

A resident noted months ago that roof repairs were needed for our buildings at Enchanted Forest Park. Since then, city staff and I have finally managed to find funding for these items.

  • On July 11th, the city council approved $48,000 for the re-roofing of the entire community center. The work is to be finished by the end of 2023, if not sooner.


  • In the upcoming city budget, which will be approved in September, city staff has allocated money for roof repairs at the East and West pavilions. $27,500 for the East and $22,500 for the west. You can find details in the proposed budget on Page 252:



I tip my hat to city staff for walking it this far along, especially Parks Director Christine Carney. I’ll keep you posted on progress. But, for now, your suggestions for repairs are underway!

Be sure to note that we’ll have two budget hearings where this and other citywide projects will be discussed. The first meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 5th and the second on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. Both meetings start at 6:00 pm at city hall.