The Fight to Re-Open NE 16th Avenue at NE 135 Street

For over two years, the intersection of NE 16 Avenue and NE 135 Street has been under construction by FDOT and Miami-Dade County. Roads have been narrowed. 16th Avenue has been closed to North-and-Southbound traffic. It’s been chaos for the area.

Because NE 16 Avenue is abutted to the east by the FEC railway tracks and Arch Creek, problems are exacerbated. Drivers headed north on the avenue get angry when they reach the closure so they speed westward through narrow residential streets. This causes havoc for residents.

And since getting to Biscayne Boulevard from 16 Avenue is challenging, many drivers cut eastward to US 1 along NE 126 Street. The Biscayne Boulevard intersection isn’t designed for heavier traffic so that causes big traffic tie-ups.

In late August 2023, I held a meeting with FDOT & County representatives to get to the bottom of what’s happening. The good news is that we’ve found a path to get NE 16 Avenue open in six weeks. It turns out that current drainage work being done by FDOT involves piping that is very deep, meaning it runs into the water table. This means the County has asked for repeated testing and inspections.

Our group agreed that the city, county, and FDOT will work as a team to streamline information needed so that repeated inspections aren’t necessary. When all details are in place, permitting will be expedited. Work will move quickly. And I’m told the roads can be reopened by Halloween.