Important COVID Test News

IMPORTANT COVID TEST NEWS: If you had a test done at our Margolis Center between December 26th and 29th, the data was apparently not submitted by the medical staff and your results were never processed or reported. I’m flabbergasted. It came to light after I took a test but hadn’t gotten results six days later. I spoke to a friend and a city employee who also hadn’t received their results. I’ve also now heard from several residents who tested but never heard anything. WORLDSAFE 1ST, the company in question, tells us their computers were down those days. In my opinion, it was wholly irresponsible that they continued testing after their systems went down. People’s health and jobs were left in the lurch. And it undermines the hard work of everyone who encourages getting tested to halt COVID. Anyone who has not received their results are encouraged to return to get re-tested or to visit another testing location in the area. Please let me know if you have questions. I’ll certainly follow up on the situation.