Ixora Road Paving Approved!

I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the city will be paving the entirety of Ixora Road in Keystone…before the new year!  We’ve just finalized plans to lay new pavement from Ixora Circle, around the big bend, and south to Keystone Boulevard.  We’re using funds I helped set aside in the recent September city budget hearings.  The cost of the project is $140,000.


Ixora Road is a major roadway in the area, used by drivers not just headed to homes on that street, but also to finger roads like Auralia, Banyan, and Cherry.   It’s also driven by anyone entering Keystone via the Ixora Road guard gate near the Keystone Tot Lot.  Of course, we have plans to improve other area roads, but because this is such a long section, I wanted to share the good news.


Also on tap are paving projects for Bayview Lane, North Bayshore Drive (from Bayview to Arch Creek Drive), Coronado Lane, and Banyan Road.


Get ready drivers!  It’s about to get a lot smoother to traverse Keystone.