Keeping Streets Clean from Construction Debris

New homes are being built throughout Keystone.  Owners are often razing older homes to replace them with new, more modern dwellings.  Sometimes there can be more than one home under construction on a single block.  All this construction can make our streets quite messy.  But the city takes great effort to try to keep things relatively clean.


Construction at one home on Arch Creek Terrace recently led to dump trucks spilling a significant amount of cement on the North Bayshore bridge.  A resident reported it to me and within minutes, our Code Enforcement and Police responded.  It was determined that the nature of the violation is irreparable and irreversible.


In accordance with the seriousness of this situation, the Building Official has issued a stop-work order for the construction site until the property owner rectifies the violation.


Consequently, the Neighborhood Services Department has opened a Notice of Violation which will be scheduled for a Magistrate Hearing on December 7th to determine the appropriate resolution.


In a separate instance on Coronado Terrace, I received a report of unknown construction companies dumping their debris in front of an open lot on the street. (The property itself has its own open code violations).  In addition to managing open cases, we’ve strategically positioned a code compliance vehicle, equipped with a camera, to oversee the construction sites. The presence of this vehicle is intended to discourage any inappropriate actions by contractors in the area. It also physically occupies more space, serving as an additional deterrent. City staff continues to  monitor the location.