Pump Station Repairs

During our 2023/2024 budget hearings, I managed to secure $325,000 for the renovation of three Keystone pump stations (Croton Road, Hibiscus Road, Banyan Road).  As of November 11th, here are updates on them:


  • Construction of the project is finished, but the pump station remains on bypass until final approval from DERM is granted. •The City is collaborating with a consultant on final reports and expects DERM approval in December. •Landscaping will follow once bypass pumps are removed •The project completion is anticipated by February 2024


  • Installation of the new pump is scheduled for December on schedule for the target date of completion. • Project completion is expected by September 2024, contingent on material availability and no delays


•Consultant approved for redesigning the station on September 26, 2023. •Plan involves abandoning the existing station after the new one is installed. •Project timeline spans approximately 24 months for completion on schedule for the target date of completion of October 2025

2 thoughts on “Pump Station Repairs

  1. Gregory L Horton says:

    Scott, Thank you so much for all you’ve done lately. Two sunken boats from Hickory, repaving Xiora Rd and completing the pump station projects. I’d be interested how much the city lost in Generator leasing at the pump sites due to DERM taking their time to approve the project. The new plants to hide the pumps and electrical installations is greatly needed and appreciated . Thank you!

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