North Miami Police and Captain Kayson

What do you do when 6 year old cancer warrior Kayson says he wants to captain a police boat? You dub him “Captain Kayson” and give him a boat parade!!! Six-year-old Kayson was born a warrior, he’s been dealing with cancer since he was in diapers, but on Friday, he took on a new challenge, protecting the waters, as a police boat captain. “I know this is going to be your maiden voyage as a captain so this is your boat here,” North Miami Police Chief Larry Juriga said to his newest officer. Chief Juriga considered the opportunity to make Kayson’s wish come true critically important, calling it part of the fabric of what law enforcement is about. “1 year, only 1,” Kayson’s mom, Araibis Diaz said. Her son has been living with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that starts in nerve cells, for most of his life. His initial diagnosis was at stage 4. “He’s had multiple chemotherapy more than we can count, he’s had multiple surgeries, he’s relapsed to the brain and had recent brain surgery in 2018 and he just relapsed last month,” Silvia Vanni, Mystic Force Foundation Exec. Director said. Kayson’s family told CBS 4 he loves to be out on the water and thinks police officers are pretty cool, hence the wish to be a police boat captain. Thank you to Miami-Dade Police Department Miami Police Department MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife @balharbourpolicedepartment U.S. Customs and Border Protection @indiancreekvillagepolicedepartment North Miami Beach Police Department U.S. Coast Guard and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for your show of support! Mystic Force Foundation thank you for allowing North Miami PD to be a part of the journeys of these brave superheroes! To our Marine Patrol Unit, thank you isn’t enough for organizing this special event. Lastly, to the Diaz family and Captain Kayson, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your fight. You will always have our support; your North Miami Police Department family.