North Miami Takes Lead Against FAA Flight Pattern Changes

Thanks to community uproar, the city of North Miami has filed an opening brief against proposed flight pattern changes at Miami International Airport. The FAA hopes to redirect flights to save time and money. The new patterns will have planes turning north over North Miami and surrounding areas. Previously, flight patterns went out over the ocean before making turns. Our complaint was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Eleventh Circuit. The City of North Miami was the first to file so we are the lead plaintiff in the case. Other plaintiffs include the cities of NMB, Bay Harbour Islands, Surfside, and others. As per our complaint, “petitioners in each of the consolidated petitions for review request oral argument in this matter. Oral argument will assist the court in determining the important issues presented regarding subject matter jurisdiction within the specific context of this case, including assisting the court in understanding the factual and historical background. Oral argument will also assist the court in assessing the record, including the administrative records submitted by the Federal Aviation Administration.” The FAA has until December 29, 2021 to file its response brief. At that time, the city will have the opportunity to reply. I’ll share additional updates as they happen.

One thought on “North Miami Takes Lead Against FAA Flight Pattern Changes

  1. Maureen B Harwitz says:

    The North Miami Consolidated Brief correctly identified that because the MIA jets will be at very low altitudes over North Miami compared to the historic flight paths over the ocean ( before heading west northwest ) the thousands of planes originating from Opa Locka are now required to fly at altitudes BELOW the MIA flights. We get a double whammy!

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