Police Take Action on Illegal Boat Charters

Several Keystone residents reported to me that private charter boat companies have been illegally launching behind private homes and in various public areas.  Similarly, Arch Creek East residents saw kayak vendors running their businesses by launching from our Arch Creek Preserve.
North Miami police have taken action!
In early June, our Marine Patrol Unit responded to the area in search of the vessel “Fantasea”.  It was not located in any of our canals.  However, the officer did locate the residence in which the vessel is apparently picking up customers.  The address of concern is on Auralia Rd.  This information was forwarded to Code Compliance.

To address the issue thoroughly, NMPD Marine Patrol made contact with a specialized marine task force group that is targeting illegal charter boats.  These vessels (similar to Fantasea) had previously been picking up their customers at Duffy’s Bar and Grill in Sunny Isles.  Duffy’s management is no longer allowing the vessels to pick up from their docks.  These vessels are now looking for other places to pick up customers.  NMPD will closely monitor the situation and the specific areas.  Marine Patrol has already coordinated with the charter boat task force, so we can call them as soon as we have issues with vessels of concern.  The task force group, which includes members of Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) and U.S. Coast Guard will immediately send a marine unit out to assist us in enforcing any charter violations.
Regarding the kayaks launched from the Preserve, police approached two separate vendors to issue warnings.  Since that interaction, illegal launches seem to have stopped.