Short Term Rentals Not Allowed

Short-term home rentals are illegal in North Miami, except for six locations that were grandfathered-in when the city enacted legislation in 2005 (see the list below). Our Police and Code Departments are very diligent in fighting them, but sometimes we’ll need your help. Fines for illegally renting can run in the thousands of dollars, plus costs. We can even issue a $550 fine for an illegal online ad which advertised said rentals. If that ad is not removed within 20 days, a running fine of up to $1,000 per day can be instituted until the ad is taken down. We also have “repeat violator” fines for anyone caught renting on more than one occasion. The tricky part is finding proof of the short-term rental. When approached, most visitors will say they’re staying at the home of a family member, which is nearly impossible to disprove. But if you see an advertisement somewhere, that’s golden. When you report the rental to me (or anyone at the city) be sure to send us that ad. As you can see, if the owner doesn’t wish to abide by our rules, North Miami Police will continue to write tickets. Thanks to all the residents who have provided information about illegal rentals as they are happening. With diligent enforcement, let’s hope we can end illegal short term rentals in North Miami. Here are the LEGAL locations: 2015 Keystone Boulevard 12459 Keystone Boulevard 12780 Maple Road 2120 Hibiscus Circle 12610 Cyprus Road 1920 NE 119 Road