Budget Victories for District 1

The city’s annual budget process recently concluded.  Our budget for 2023/24 totaled $85 million.  I’m excited that I managed to secure a few things for District 1:
  • $325,000 for the renovation of three Keystone pump stations (Croton Road, Hibiscus Road, Banyan Road)
  • $30,000 for new native planting at the Arch Creek East Preserve
  • $90,000 for “additional” District 1 street paving (this is on top of citywide paving funds already allocated)
  • $100,000 for the removal and disposal of sargassum seaweed
  • $50,000 for equipment repair and replacement at Keystone Tot Lot
  • $325,000 for clay courts at Sans Souci Tennis Center (technically in District 2, but I advocated for this since many District 1 residents play there)
  • $16,000 for use at the Galvin Center (for items like improved WiFi access, front desk membership ID scanners, advertising, and more)
  • $50,000 for roof repairs at the Enchanted Forest east and west pavilions
We have also boosted city reserves to a total of $2.5 million. That’s a number not seen in our city for decades.  There is also $2.9 million set aside for the purchase of the Galvin Center, which will happen in two more years.
For a look at the full 2023/24 budget, click here:  https://play.champds.com/ATT/northmiamifl/2023-09/720a7b3af48eb72aea1b4b9892a991956b03c734.pdf