UPDATE: Opening NE 135 Street & 16 Avenue

NEW UPDATE as of SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 – Unfortunately, FDOT won’t have the intersection of NE 135 Street and 16 Avenue finished by mid-October.  That’s when they told me in late August that the road could be opened.

But the good news is that I’m in touch with them weekly.  Here’s the update we received today.

The FDOT team has successfully secured DERM’s permit to continue work on the pipes (see previous story for background).  This is a significant milestone. However, this work requires the involvement of a specialty contractor. Unfortunately, this contractor will not be available until mid-October as they are committed to other projects while awaiting agency approval. Rest assured, the Dade County Water & Sewer Department (WASD) is actively engaging with the contractor to expedite their arrival. Meanwhile, FDOT has implemented clear safety protocols and instructions at the jobsite to ensure everyone’s well-being.

While we await the availability of the specialty contractor, FDOT will continue to work on NE 135th Street. This work will include the mill, overbuild, and resurfacing work from West Dixie Highway to just short of NE 16th Avenue. This section will start September 26th and is projected to conclude within two weeks.

Starting the week of October 9th, FDOT will begin with median work between West Dixie Highway and NE 16th Avenue.  This section of the project will take about two weeks.

Please continue to watch this page for updates.